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Neither should computing device be interpreted as having any dependency or requirement relating to any one or combination of illustrated component parts. Instead, the network may also include subsystems that transfer data between a server and the computing devices. If not, a rejection message may be sent to the user, notifying the user that the partner advertiser has no desire to form the co-campaign.

Depending on the type of co-campaign selected, user A may elect to enter a bid amount price using buttonupload an advertisement using buttonor specify the metrics user A wants to receive using button Bus represents what may be one or more busses such as an address bus, data bus, or combination thereof.

In other words, ad database cluster is a storage dumping ground for information collected from web advertising services not pictured in FIG. Additionally, user A may select the type of co-campaign user A wishes to create by selecting one of the options, and for creating a bid-boost, combo ad, or share-metrics co-campaign.

The partner advertisers the users request to form co-campaigns with can then be messaged and asked whether the partner advertisers will agree to the online advertising partnership.

There, user A can enter a name for the co-campaign in text field Embodiments are generally directed towards creating and managing online advertising co-campaigns between multiple advertisers. For the sake of clarity, however, the one-to-one co-campaign is discussed to illustrate several of the embodiments.

Consequently, a message is sent to user B detailing user A's request to create a co-campaign between advertiser A and advertiser B. Additional computing devices and campaign servers may be added to form one-to-many or many-to-many co-campaigns. It should be noted, however, that the web browser embodied on memory may be configured with various plug-ins e.

For example, if the co-campaign is a bid-boosting co-campaign, co-campaign may comprise the user-profile metrics for one of the campaigns of advertiser B incremented by a bid amount offered by advertiser A. The online auction may then have an interest in promoting web advertisements for the registered individuals and companies, hoping that additional traffic to the registered individuals' and companies' web sites may mean additional web traffic to the online auction—or even better, additional purchases at the online auction.

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Advertisers may form co-campaigns that allow multiple advertisers to form different relationships. Then, Cyril Zimmermann diversifies the activity of the group towards an expanding business: In fact, embodiments may include any of these three co-campaigns.

For example, two advertisers may create a co-campaign that shows an advertisement to a particular group of users for a month, and the co-campaign, once created, may not be changed by either advertiser during the month.

Typically, advertisers, or agents acting on their behalf, will register with and use different advertising web services e. Using computing deviceuser A accesses web pagewhich includes a page to create a co-campaign i.

Another aspect is directed towards creating online combination advertisements combo ads between two advertisers. An expert of User eXperience: Himedia decides to put the user experience at the heart of digital marketing by developing advertising products that meet three criteria: At the same time, the company understands that Internet users are less likely to support Internet advertising because of its intrusive nature.

It will be understood by those skilled in the art that such is the nature of the art, and, as previously mentioned, the diagram of FIG. By example, without limitation, computing devices and may each be a personal computer, desktop computer, laptop computer, handheld device, mobile phone, electronic tablet, or other personal computing device.

If so, the application server creates, stores, and manages the newly formed co-campaign between the advertiser and the partner advertiser.

Alternatively, in the instance where the co-campaign represents an ad combo, the co-campaign may comprise a collaborative advertisement image or file e.

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Advertisers may alternatively choose to not show particular advertisements based on a partner advertiser's advertisement already being shown.

Alina Moise profiles. Business Accont Manager at Adexpert Com Express: View Full Profile. Public Profile. Alina Marilena Moise. Team Leader at HARMAN International.

HMV Network Control Monitg&Oper Plan la Enel. Location Constantza County, Romania Industry Mechanical or Industrial Engineering. 31 Oct - Find Advertising & designing services on Adexpert.

Post free ads to offer or find web designing services, brochure designing services, online advertising services & more here. Partnered with AdExpert platform engineering teams to ensure quality, cost control, and timely delivery of all tool features as well as with key business stakeholders to elicit and prioritize requirements, align prioirities to strategic business roadmaps, and solve business problems through iterative Sr ProgramManager, Release.

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Adexpert business plan
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